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The Ford Cortina celebrates it's 51st birthday in 2013.

These cars are now unfortunately a rare site on our roads. If you have any comments, please email me.
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The original Mark 1 Cortina, Manufactured from 1962 until 1967, A brief history

The Ford motor Company was launched in Michigan, USA, in June 1903 by Henry Ford and a few colleagues.
They started with an initial budget of some 28.000 US Dollars !.
Henry Ford's initial interest came from being thrown from a horse on his his Father's farm at Dearborn, Michigan, he felt that there should be a more reliable (and of course more comfortable !) method of transport than that offered by animals.

The first model they produced was the now famous Model A, known as a Gas Buggy and was propelled by an 8 Horse Power engine.
Since this time, Ford cars have been available and of course manufactured in the far flung corners of the globe..However, in England.....
The Ford Cortina was one of the UK's most popular car, being manufactured from 1962 until 1982, when it was replaced by the Ford Sierra.

Ford's huge plant at Dagenham in Essex, UK, is considered to be the home of the Cortina.

The first Cortina was launched in 1962, wary of alienating it self with the buying public, Ford called the early models Consul Cortina, the original name was to be Ford Consul 325, however in early 1963 this was soon changed to Ford Cortina; the name Cortina being "borrowed" from the Italian Skiing resort of Cortina d'Ampezzo, in the Dolomite mountains(who else used this mountainous name!).

Original advertising billed the car as "The medium sized car at a small car price", at the time this "small car price" was around £550 and was launched to compete with technically advanced Mini which although popular, was selling at a loss of around £ 5.00 per car.

The rear lights on this model where a source of trouble in the early days as both Mercedes Benz and the CND movement threatened legal action over the design as it looked a little like their own logos. I often refer to them as looking like a cake cut into 3 pieces !.

A pair of rear lights, you can see why it caused trouble then!   

Picture Gallery
A restored Mk1 Cortina from the Czech Republic.The car was purchased in an un-restorted condtion for around £15.00 ! Thanks to Radek for allowing the use of his picture.
Consul Cortinas being manufactured in
Ford's plant in Port Elizabeth in South Africa.
Today's Health and Safety may not be impressed ?
Thanks to Dayle for sending me the picture and allowing it's use.
Hattie Jaques inspects the drivers and the fleet of gleaming Mark One Cortinas in the film "Carry on Cabby".

More Pictures of the restored Mark 1 Cortina from Radek in the Czech republic.
I think you will agree that they have done an excellent job with the car.!

Thanks to Radek for sending them and letting me use th

Side view, note left hand drive
Engine bay with Sierra OHC Engine, Radek reports that his Dad can "blow Audis away" with this car" !
Dash and indicators,
note speedo is in KPH

Visitor's photo albums

Click here to see details of Ford Literature from South Africa (V6 Cortinas)
and also here to see my friends Phil's staggering Cortina Collection.

Grateful thanks to Dayle in South Africa and Phil in the USA for these images and allowing their use.

Spare parts

I often get asked if I stock spares for Cortinas, my standard advice is check first with your local Ford dealer, many established dealers still have quiet a bit of "old new" stock "out the back", the same goes for local motor factors. If you are still unsuccessful, visit the Links section on page 4 and join your nearest club, check the listings on "eBay", the Kennet Forum or check the Classic Car press for details of any Classic Car show/autojumbles... Good luck in your search !  

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