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The Mark 3 Cortina arrived in late 1970, it was a radical departure from the familiar 3 square box car of the Marks 1 and 2.

Some were put off by the up swept body design often referred to as "The Coke Bottle", this shape was not entirely new to the British car buyer as Vauxhall's Victor of 1968 featured very similar lines !


A 2 door 2000 GXL Saloon, notice the swept back American look, this being the reason it was referred to as a "coke bottle" shape.

This is the model I hope to own again soon!Thanks to Doug for his information on this car and his ongoing permission to use this picture.Picture taken at the Bromley Pageant of Motoring 2001.

The car had a very American look and feel to it, which was slightly surprising as it was the first venture of the newly formed Ford European division, although the car was known as the "Taunus" in Europe...........unusual when you consider the roots of the name "Cortina".

As with previous Cortinas, the MK3 came in many versions, engine size ranged from a slightly weazy 1300 cc, the most popular 1600 cc, these 2 engines being lifted from the Mk2, and a new 2000 cc overhead cam engine.
The suspension was new though, the familiar McPherson struts at the front being dropped for a double wishbone arrangement and coil springs at the rear instead of leaf (or cart type) rear springs.

The top of the range models were a GT and GXL Models, available with either 1600 cc or 2000 cc overhead cam engines, these models stood apart from lesser models by way of their 4 quartz halogen headlights, 7 clock dash and "Sports" wheels.
Early Cortinas (and Capris) fitted with the overhead cam engine soon suffered from early cam shaft failure, announced by a healthy clatter from under the bonnet, this failure was due mainly to poor lubrication of the camshaft. An improved oil spray bar improved matters considerably.

A replacement for the much missed MK2 1600E did not arrive until late 1973 with the launch of the Mark 3 2000E, this coincided with a general update of the range with over 100 subtle improvements including ventilation, suspension and lighting.

All models except the 1300 cc version now featured the overhead cam engine.
My own 1300 model always seemed quick though, after owning the car for around a year, I found out why...the last owner had dropped in a 1600 cc engine!


Mark 3 Cortina picture gallery...



An advert from South Africa for the 1973 Mark 3 Cortina.

This model is actually a 3000XLE with a V6 engine!, and was the equivalent to the UK's 2000E.
Unfortunately, this model was (sadly ?) never launched in the UK.

Many thanks to Dayle for sending this picture and letting me use it.


A Ford promotional picture, from 1973, of the 2000E, the number plate was shown on several different coloured models in various pictures!

If you don't believe me look on the back of the record sleeve of Alexi Sayle's "Hit" Ullo John, got a new motor.


Me and my old 2000E which was registered in August 1976 when the Mark 4 was launched.

Note that the different radiator grill compared to the picture on the left, there were many variations, also my nice 80's jumper.

Any one seen it around ?(last seen in Ashford, Kent), the car that is, not the jumper !.

Can any one guess where this picture was
taken ?
(A few people have guessed correctly)


Publicity picture of the Cortina used in the Nescafe advert. It's former owner informs me that it is really a 2000E model, with under 40,000 miles on the clock.The film company altered the headlights to earlier GXL specification, perhaps to give it a more 1970's feel ?

Many thanks to Stuart Ransom for telling me the story and also allowing me to show the picture. I don't recall the Afro Hair being a factory option in 1973, do you ?


200e ,
Here's a stunning example of a Mark 3. It is a 1974 model from Trinidad in the West Indies.

I imagine the climate has helped in maintaining it's excellent condition ?.

Many thanks to Lee for sending me the picture and letting me use it.

Another stunning Mark 3, also from Trinidad, West Indies.

This modified model belongs to Brent, who is friends with Lee, who owns the stunning green 2000E in the above picture.

Many thanks to Lee and Brent for sending the pictures and letting me use them.


A scan of the 7" single picture disc of
"Ullo John got a new motor" with Alexi Sayle showing his "passion" for the Mark 3 Cortina.

Many thanks to Chris for sending me this image and his permission to use it.

Clive Bradford's original Mark 3 2000XL Estate

Clive originally emailed me some two years ago telling me how he had aquired a Mark 3 Estate . The car was original and unrestored and had only coverd 69000 miles.
Here are some images Clive has kindly sent to me.

Clive standing by his pride and joy The Cortina's first show since Clive brought her Polished, shining and looking great !

Clive tells me the car was originally from London/Kent and had been shown at the Bromley Pageant of Motoring in the 1990's.(Did you ever see it ?)
The car is an XL model although it appears that the original owner had a good time with the optional extras brochure as it as the wheels, wheel arch trims and silver/black side side stripes that were standard on the GXL model. You can read more about Clives's Cortina Estate by visiting his web site.

Jim Bishop's restored Mark 3 2000E

One of my oldest friends Bill, was out in Ashford (Kent UK), one day, and knowing my love (obsession) with Cortinas, he took this picture, fortunately, the owner Jim Bishop came along and email adresses were exchanged, here is the story......

Cortina as "snapped" by my friend Bill in the spring of 2006, parked in Ashford, Kent UK, However she did not always look as good as this.......

Jim found the Cortina in 2001, it had been left in a garden for 7 years with the windows open .

Jim explained that he had to replace the front wings, inner and outter sills and make extensive repairs to the A and B posts and also fabricate many repair panels.

Luckily for the car, Jim was an experienced welder. Oh yes, the engine was worn out also, luckily a Sierra engine was to hand and this was
fitted along with a 5 speed gear box.

A fitting tribute ! Jim's Cortina is used for a wedding.

Jim has told me that he is preparing to respary the car again soon and return her (again) to her former glory.

Jim has owned 14 Mark 3 Cortinas which makes me feel humble only having owned 4.

Many thanks to Jim Bishop for allowing me to use these pictures and the information he has given to me.

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